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  • Freya Deco Soft Cup Bra

    Posted on February 9, 2013 by Jane

    Freya Deco Bra AA4231 Freya Deco Soft Cup Bra AA4231

    We are really excited have received the first soft cup bras in from Freya and guess what - I like them!  Happy to wear 'comfortable' underwired bras and always on the lookout for a sexy nonwired bra, having tried the 32d and been very happy with it, I would definitely recommend this bra to anyone.




    Deco is Freya's best selling bra range and the soft cup range is available in a D-G cup.  It's what they call a moulded plunge which gives uplift, cleavage, and a great shape.


    The style also appeals to younger girls with a fuller bust who aren't comfortable wearing traditionally underwired bras.

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  • Anita Underwired Nursing Bra 5035 - now up to J cup!

    Posted on January 9, 2013 by Jane

    Underwired Nursing Bras Anita underwired Nursing Bras up to J cup

    Breastfeeding Mums out there will be pleased to hear the Anita 5035 size range has now been extended  to a J cup Hooray!  The Anita bras, as you probably know do come up small in size (as they have no dd,ff,gg or hh cups being European sized). We feel the 5035 is a little fuller and slightly more substantial cup than the 5068.  It is also made in a more expensive material and has lightweight pads along the shoulder to give 'strain relief', so we are delighted to hear that Anita have listened to your suggestions and now manufacture a J cup - great news!

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  • After Surgery Compression Bra

    Posted on January 4, 2013 by Jane

    After Surgery Bras After Surgery Compression Bras

    Many of my customers ask why do I need a compression bra after breast surgery? In a nutshell, it's because the correct fitting bra promotes the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue.  A bra giving close support will hold your shape and tend to give you less scar tissue than a normal bra that does not hold you as well.

    After surgery bras and post surgery bras also have numerous other advantages:

    • to immobalise and stabilise the newly operated breast giving optimum care after all types of plastic breast surgery.
    • Gives relief of lymph drainage channels
    • prevents pressure marks and skin irritation by ensuring an exact individual fit.

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  • Why Should I buy an Anita Sports Bra?

    Posted on November 14, 2012 by Jane

    Anita Sports bras Anita Sports bras
















    It's a very good question, experts agree that a sports bra is a very essential item.  Do you know that during jogging the breast moves around 9 centimetres with each step - over a course of 1,000 metres this amounts to 84 metres!


    Wearing a supporting sports bra prevents around 74% of the upward and downward motion of your sensitive breast tissue.  Compare this to wearing a normal bra which would only manage to support 38%!

    But back to the question why are Anita Active Sports bras different from conventional sports bras?


    • Anita carry out very comprehensive testing before production begins guaranteeing an excellent fit and optimum support for all kinds of sporting activities through to the larger cup sizes.
    • Each Anita Active Sports bra benefits from Anita's expertise in bra manufacturing which extends back now to over a century.
    • Anita guarantee above-average comfort and function of all their sports bras.
    • All Anita bras are developed and manufactured within Anita's premises to ensure an exceptional high standard.



    Anita asked Dr Sylvia Beckstein - What are the possible negative consquences of not wearing a sports bra?  Her reply was:


    With large breasts in particular there is the risk that the tissue becomes overstretched and the breasts loses its firmness and elasticity.  This affects all the muscles in the back and especially those of the shoulders and neck.  In some cases the consequences can be extremely painful.  A sports bra reliably protects and encompasses the breasts, the breast tissue remains elastic and does not lose its firmness.


    Can a Sports Bra help the breast tissue retain its Firmness?


    Yes, definitely, wearing a sports bra all the time will mean that the connective tissue remains firm, which is obviously what women want.   It is important to make sure whatever your sport that you do wear a bra, be it for endurance sports, gymnastics, hikinkg or skiing as each activity involves a different degree of jolting and shock.

    What Features are Essential in an Optimum Sports Bra?


    • The straps are very important and should be wide and have a good contact surface to ensure the best distribution of weight on the shoulders.
    •  It should also be ensured that the bra does not cut in and it should move and adapt to the motion of the wearer.
    • Flat and soft seams are also important to prevent skin irritation.  the fabric should be breathable and ensure optimum moisture transport.
    •  This is particularly important when the body temperature rises during sports activities.
    • The breast requires firm support, but the fabric should be lightweight and soft.  It should feel like a second skin.

    Thank you so much Dr Beckstein, we do hope the above helps our customers when choosing their sportsbras.




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  • Organic Cotton Nursing Bra from Anita Maternity

    Posted on November 14, 2012 by Jane

    Anita Organic Cotton Nursing Bra Using the purest organic cotton Anita incorporate this into the 5014 Nursing Bra






















    100% Organic cotton is the purest form of cotton there is and Anita use it to make their 5014 nursing bra.  Being made from organic cotton ensures that it is only made with cotton from certified organic sources, even the cotton seeds are subjected to tests. While the cotton is growing only organic fertilizers are used and pest control is purely natural. When you do buy a product that is 100% organic cotton you can be sure that not only will it be skin-friendly but also eco-friendly!

    Anita do not use polluting optical brighteners or chlorine bleaching agents and the garments are sewn in-house in Anita's own works under their strict supervision and made to their exceptionally well know high standards.


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  • Panache Underwired sports Bra 2012

    Posted on October 23, 2012 by Jane

    Panache Underwired Sports Bra Panache Underwired Sports Bra available in D-H cup









    panache sport logo
    Panache Sport Logo




    After three years of intense research and development Panache have launched their new underwired sports bra.  Research that they carried out found astonishingly that one of the most unpopular items a woman has is her sports bra.  Feedback from women was that their sportsbras were uncomfortable, unattractive and often unsupportive.

    Through independant research Panache found that different sports caused the bust to move in different directions.  So Panache developed a sports bra that individually encapsulates each breast by supporting, firmly holding and reducing movement of the breasts.  Consequently, their new sports bra offers ultimate support for any sport you wish to partake in.

    Panache's sport bra is available in D-H cup in 3 core colourways and easily adjusts into a racer back should you prefer.  The wider padded straps help to take the pressure off your neckline and shoulders giving ultimate all round support and comfort, infact after rigorous independent testing, it was found that wearing the Panache Sports Bra could reduce bounce by up to 83% compared to wearing no bra!


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  • Panache wins Best Maternity Bra award from Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

    Posted on October 17, 2012 by Jane

    Panache Logo






    We really do like Panache Maternity bras, a little out of the ordinary and sooo very comfortable in plus sizes up to j cup and at around £26 such a good price too.  Seems as though we are not the only ones to agree!  This week Panache have been awarded the Best Maternity Lingerie at the Pregnancy & Birth Bloom Awards 2012, well done!

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  • Sales of Emma Jane Nursing Bra reach over half a million

    Posted on October 17, 2012 by Jane

    Sales of Emma Jane Nursing hit half a million Sales of Emma Jane Nursing hit half a million







    At Envie we highly recommend Emma Jane Bras, they're a sensible price and also fit right up to the larger cup sizes including j cup, which is why their best selling bra the EJ428 has now sold over half a million! With drop down cotton cups giving easy access to breastfeeding this nursing bra is The bra is available in sizes UK 32-40 B-J (EU 70-90 B-J) priced at just £22.99 and available in black it's one of our most popular bras.

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  • Yes to Life Cancer Options

    Posted on October 10, 2012 by Jane

    Support for people with Cancer Yes to Life

    EnVie works with a variety of charities and donates a percentage of their orders to Yes to Life.

    YES TO LIFE opens up a positive future for people with cancer in the UK by supporting an integrative* approach to cancer care.




    Yes to Life offers support to people with cancer who want to take a proactive role in their treatment. Yes to Life helps open up choices, and supports people in finding a way forward that is right for them.

    If you would like to contact the Help Centre
    Help Centre Tel: 0870 163 2990

    Alternatve therapies for hyperthermia treatment Alternatve therapies for hyperthermia treatment







    forward that is right for them.


    We feel that the mental state of a person with cancer is a foundational aspect of any treatment programme. It is vital that anyone feeling they are a 'victim of cancer' begin to take control of their situation as early as possible, that they make informed decisions about treatments and that they take ownership of whatever path they choose.

    Help Centre Tel: 0870 163 2990

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  • Is Breastfeeding the Best?

    Posted on October 8, 2012 by Jane

    Did you watch BBC1 documentary ‘Is Breast Best?’, presented by Cherry Healey?

    Image for Is Breast Best? Cherry Healey Investigates 

    In this fun yet compelling documentary, Cherry Healey explores the topical issue of breastfeeding and asks Is Breast Best? The World Health Organisation advises that all mothers breastfeed their children for at least the first six months after birth, but Cherry herself found the experience painful and traumatic and eventually gave up.

    Over a year later she is still plagued by feelings of guilt for not trying harder and is now on a mission to find out how other mums feel - is she the only one? Along the way she meets Jess, a teen mum who never even considered breastfeeding and has formula-fed all the way with no worries at all, and a group of 'lactivists' who strongly believe that breastfeeding is the only option for a new mum.

    Join Cherry as she explores the world of boobs, bottles, babies and breast milk with her usual refreshing honesty.



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