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Mastectomy Bra fitting guide, Anita mastectomy Bras


Wearing a bra that fits well can help you feel more confident but unfortunately many women wear bras that are the wrong size or shape for them and following breast surgery it can be difficult to know what to look for in a bra so we have put together our guide to help you find a the perfect fitting bra.

  • A new bra should fit well on the loosest set of hooks so that as it begins to stretch over time, you can tighten it and still get a good fit. If you have had one of your breasts completely removed (mastectomy), the bra needs to be a good fit for your natural breast.
  • If you are planning to wear a prosthesis you will need a bra that is not too low cut, otherwise the prosthesis will show above the top edge. If you have had both breasts removed (a bilateral mastectomy) and you are going to be wearing two prostheses, you can choose the bra cup size you want to be.
  • You will need to adjust the straps so that the bra cups are about halfway between elbow height and your shoulder.
  • Your breast care nurse or prostheses fitter can check your bra to see it fits well and is suitable to use with a prosthesis. If you don't have a suitable bra, you'll find it helpful to be properly measured and fitted before buying a new one.
  • A well fitted bra should not feel too tight or too loose and the strap across the back should not dig in.
  • Your natural breast(s) should fill the cup of the bra without bulging over the top or out the sides over the bra fabric.
  • The shoulder straps shouldn't carry the full weight of your breasts or prosthesis, should stay in place when you lift your arms above your head, and fit closely to your body without cutting in.

If you have undergone a mastectomy you will be issued with a NHS prostheses which are quite adequate for many women and will give you confidence of having your shape back. You may later wish to have a prostheses that is a little more 'life-like' and we do recommend Anita prostheses which we feel are some of the bests quality prostheses you can buy. Anita Care has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of breast prostheses with an anatomically perfected shape for more than 30 years, their prostheses, special mastectomy bras and swimwear impart a high degree of naturalness, enabling women to feel confident and enjoy a quality of life. Their prostheses mould gently to uneven scar tissue, shape the cup naturally and move the same way as a healthy breast.


  • all Anita prostheses are made of silicone, microfiber and film which has been dermatologically tested and certified to the latest international biocompatibility standard.
  • Softlite is an outstanding product and offers a lightweight prostheses, a combination of pleasant softness and naturalness with an advantage of a lower weight of up to 25% less than other silicone gel prostheses.
  • excellent skin and body compatibility due to the natural base material, silica.
  • fast adaptation to the body temperature
  • weight, softness, natural movement and shape retention similar to the natural breast.
  • long life due to the adhesion of the outer film skin being resistant to chlorine, grease, oil and salt water.
  • specialist active prostheses available for sports and swimming.

To find the correct size of prostheses please use our calculator, put your bra back size and cup size and it will automatically convert this into the size of prostheses you require which will be from 1-15.

Please input your bra size and we will give you an estimation of which prosthesis to order. Please note that this is just an estimate and contact us if you are unsure.