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Breast Prostheses

The perfect fitting breast form can make an enormous amount of difference to your shape and confidence. Anita have been making prostheses for over 40 years, their range of breast forms is exceptionally natural and surprisingly lightweight (particularly compared to NHS prostheses issued to you whilst in hospital). Made of silicone, microfibre and film which have been dermatologically tested to exceptional standards.

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  1. Anita TriNature Softlite Prostheses 1051X - 25% lighter

    The Anita Trinature Softlite breast prostheses has a soft skin like texture with a lovely tactile and natural feel. The unique technology of our patented FlexGap system ensures natural movement and allows the breast form to flatten naturally when the wearer is reclining - just like the intact breast.

    • It is 25% lighter than a full prosthesis made of normal silicone gel and moulds to uneven scar tissue very suitable for active sporty women.
    • Moulds gently to uneven scar tissue, shapes the cup naturally due to its 'Flex-Gap' fold.
    • Suitable for active, sporty women.
    • please order individually, price if for a single item, you will need to order 2 if you require a pair.
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  2. Breast Prostheses Amica SuperSoft 1151X - 35% lighter

    Amica Supersoft lightweight breast prostheses with 35% less weight than normal prostheses.  With unique flex gap which takes an amount of silicone away from the breastform making it lighter and a more natural bust shape. The difference between the X and the XC is that this prostheses will give a fuller depth in the cup from C cup upwards.

    • For heavy breasts
    • With tendency to lymphoedema
    • For sporting activities
    • order individually, price if for a single item, order 2 if you require a pair

    EnVie recommend this lightweight prostheses to give a more volumptuous shape, with the tried-and-tested FlexGap system, it's now even lighter and more skin-friendly than a conventional breast form . Soft and luxurious in texture and irresistible to the touch.

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  3. Anita Silicone Swim Prostheses 1086X

    Regular Price: £99.00

    Special Price £89.99

    Clear with a hint of ocean blue, silicone prostheses giving a very supple and natural shape, ideal for swimming & sports.

    • Lightweight hollowed channels in the back ensure water is not trapped behind the breastform allowing water to drain freely and air to circulate.
    • Very comfortble and easy to wear in the water.
    • Great for sports.
    • order individually, price if for a single item, order 2 if you require a pair.
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  4. Anita Fabric Prostheses 1018X

    Regular Price: £45.00

    Special Price £39.99

    Equilight fabric breast form, easy to wear, light and gentle, safe and discreet. Comes in beautiful satin pouch with red drawstring ribbons.

    Envie recommend this prostheses for wearing straight after surgery when the body reacts sensitively to pressure and touch.

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  5. Breast Prostheses for Underwired Bra 1022X

    Silicone breast prostheses designed to fit into undewired bras.

    • Can be used on both sides
    • Droplet / teardrop form
    • Full weight compensation after full mastectomy
    • Compensation under the arms
    • order individually, price if for a single item, order 2 if you require a pair. 

    Envie recommend the 1022X for wearing after you have healed and scar tissue has settle down - will fit into most underwired bras.

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Many of the breast forms have a 'flex gap' in them that allows them to 'sag' (believe it or not!) so you not only get a fuller figure but a very natural one. The Care range includes swimwear prostheses, post-operative breast form or an effective solution for full or partial compensation, self-adhesive breast forms, and lightweight prostheses solutions.
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