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Maternity guide for maternity bras, maternity nightwear


EnVie recommends wearing a maternity bra because it:

  • grows with the wearer, expands with the breasts without cutting into the skin.
  • has an integrated support system for the expanding breast.
  • minimises and even helps to prevent stretch marks and deformation of the breast.
  • is made from materials specially selected for comfort, preventing irritation of sensitive breasts.
  • relieves strain on the shoulders and neck area.

When should you start wearing a maternity bra? - When you start to feel uncomfortable in your normal bra, or from the 4th month onwards.

At Month 4 - the bra should be fitted so that it is comfortable and does not dig in even on the tightest setting. The breast should be fully enclosed by the cup on both sides and at the decollete. The underbust band can be widened twice during the course of pregnancy although many maternity bras have an extra allowance on the back fastener to allow for this. The cup expands with the breast and if the bra is correctly adjusted, it can normally be worn right through to the end of pregnancy.

A little bit about Breast Growth ..... the breast consists of fatty and connective tissue and glands enclosed in skin. It has no muscles itself, but sits on top of the muscular system. Each breast becomes 30 - 500g heavier during pregnancy as the mammary glands grow and tissue fluid is stored. This puts the surrounding skin and tissue under considerably strain! If the breast is not adequately supported, this can lead to deformation, and in the case of large breasts, tension in the shoulders and neck area.

Now comes the inevitable question UNDERWIRED or NOT? If you are unsure about wearing an underwired maternity bra take a look at the views here Dr. Miriam Stoppard and let her educate you about this myth. Both underwired maternity bras and underwired nursing bras are made with specially formed underwires much softer than you would normally wear to sit comfortably with your shape and support you.

THE TUMMY and STRAIN RELIEF during PREGNANCY - the tummy expands during the months of pregnancy. A weight gain of 10-14 kilos is usual, but some women may put on up to 30 kilos!

The weight of the tummy shifts the body's centre of gravity forwards and downwards. It presses against the abdominal wall, pelvis and spine. To counteract this, pregnant woman will tend to lean back, forming a hollow in your back. This posture puts excessive strain on the back muscles and often leads to backache.

Many mothers-to-be find an Anita support aid helpful. Wearing a support belt during pregnancy greatly reduced the pains, pressure and tension experienced in the back, tummy and pelvic area, as well as helping to restore the tummy's firmness after the birth. The effectiveness of a support aid has been tested and confirmed by the University Hospital of Frankfurt/Main.

After clinical testing women wearing an Anita support aid had an amazing reduction in backache of 82% and 93% reduction in pressure and tension in the abdominal and pelvic regions along with pelvic twinges.