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Underwired or nonwired nursing bra? As your shape gets bigger, comfort usually becomes more important so most women tend to choose a non wired maternity bra giving you extra comfort and softness, there's a great choice. Underwired nursing bras are available in B-J cup from Anita Maternity with softer, specially formed underwires giving you great shape and confidence.

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  1. Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra 3550

    Each woman's breasts undergo vast changes during pregnancy and can become very sensitive.  The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra helps been designed giving extra comfort & support to new mums and grows along with your pregnancy.

    • Flexible: The soft flexible material expands and supports your breasts during your pregnancy. Just one bra will expand to fit you in all 3 trimesters.
    • Comfortable: The extra smooth breathable material is soft to the touch and ideal for sensitive breasts.
    • Supportive: The extra wide shoulder straps and back panel both support and reduce any pressure on the breasts.
    • Recommended: Soft cup style in seamless bras are are highly recommended by lactation consultants for use during pregnancy.
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  2. Carriwell Organic Nursing/Sleep Bra

    Award winning organic cotton and pretty non scratch lace maternity and feeding bra designed for easy breast feeding night or day. The stretchy soft lace follows the natural curves of your body in breathable cotton and is designed in particular not to irritate the skin.

    Envie recommend this bra as exceptional value for money and can be used both as a maternity and nursing bra and is great for a general sleep bra to hold your shape at nightime whether you are pregnant or not!

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  3. Carriwell Microfibre Lace Nursing Bra 2005

    Carriwell soft cup nursing bra especially designed for fuller breasted women in soft microfibre with elastane. It also comes with a free bra extender to help with your ever changing shape.

    • Comfort: Wirefree bras increases your comfort but also reduces the risk of blocked milk ducts and mastitis.
    • Convenient: For the hectic lifestyle of a mum there is a simple one handed release clasp for easy nursing.
    • Support: The firm but gentle elastic fabric below the breasts gives you the support and shape you desire.
    • Lace: This is a pretty bra with beautiful (soft) lace detail allowing a classic lingerie look.

    Envie recommend this as one of our most popular bras, it's 3 bras in one!  Wear whilst you are pregnant, when you are ready to breastfeed and it's perfect as  a nightime sleep bra.

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  4. Carriwell Silk Breastpads - pack of 6

    Washable breast pads, supremely comfortable made with 100% natural silk layer facing the nipple. Silk has anti- inflammatory properties which can help soothe, cool and heal sensitive and sore nipples. Ultra absorbant 3 layer core system with leak proof membrane and machine washable in pack of 6 pads. Use these re-usable breast pads again and again, comes with free washing pouch.

    • Soothing: Silks natural anti-inflammatory properties help sooth, cool & heal sore nipples.
    • Breathable: The breathable leak-proof layer trap moisture for maximum confidence.
    • Comfort: Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin maximizing dryness and comfort.

    EnVie recommend re-usable breastpads, did you know that on average women will use approx 3,000 disposable breast pads? So having re-usable ones makes a great saving for the environment and your pocket!

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Choose from Hotmilk maternity, Anita maternity, Bravado, Carriwell, Emma Jane and Panache Maternity. Our nonwire maternity bras fit right up to a J cup including plus size maternity bras in beautiful laces, stunning prints and t shirt bras. If you would like a little more uplift and possibly more shape and are used to wearing an underwired bra then our collection from Anita Maternity offers underwired Maternity Bras with softer, specially formed underwires to contain your shape and the great thing is these underwired nursing bras will grow along with you.
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