Nursing Bra Fitting Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Finding the Perfect Fitting Nursing Bra

When you're expecting, comfort and support are two things that will be on your mind a lot. That's why we make sure all of our customers can find the perfect bra for their pre-pregnancy size and post pregnancy size. 

The most important part about a post prganancy bra is keeping yourself feeling comfortable so as not to disrupt any sacred moments during this time - which means wearing something both fit AND comfy...we've got just what each mother deserves. In this guide we will cover the most common questions we get asked.

Do I need a nursing bra?

According to the latest medical and psychological research breastfeeding not only has a beneficial effect on the baby's physical development, but also on its intelligence.

  • mother's milk protects the baby against infections and allergies.
  • the close physical contact during breastfeeding gives the baby a feeling of security.
  • breastfeeding has a beneficial effect on the baby's intelligence, as suckling stimulates the nerve and muscle function.
  • for the mother, breastfeeding provides protection against infection and reduced the risk of bleeding after birth.
  • the breastfeeding hormones help restore the womb to its normal shape.
  • the additional calorie consumption aids weight loss.

A functional, well-designed nursing bra is necessary to maintain the shape and support of the bust during the breastfeeding period. If you choose to breastfeed a nursing bra will help to make your life so much easier. Speaking from experience you will find that it is just so easy to breastfeed with a drop down nursing cup than trying to undo and unhooke a normal bra. Nursing bras are made from skin-kind materials as breasts and nipples can be extra sensitive at this time.

How can a nursing bra help me?

Nursing bras offer new mums a number of benefits:

  • very easy access for breastfeeding allowing cups to be opened/closed with one hand.
  • moulded (seamless) cups for extra-sensitive breasts
  • all-round breast support for your ever changing shape
  • naturally shaping, soft underwiring, the underwired nursing bras have specially formed underwires that will not cut into you.
  • more adjustments than a normal bra particulary the back fastening so as you loose your weight they can be tightened
  • elastic, adjustable straps permanently attached to the breast, preventing them slipping down the back on unfastening
  • some bras offer a tagging system for tagging the side last fed from.

When should you start wearing a Nursing Bra? 

Nursing bras should not be purchased before the beginning of the 8th month, as the bust stops growing around this time. We recommend choosing a cup size larger than the existing size at this point. The underbust band should fit loosely on the widest setting. If necessary, check the measurements, please see our fitting guide.

When should you stop wearing a Nursing Bra? 

When baby has stopped breastfeeding, please allow yourself at least one month for your breasts to get back to their 'normal size'! It may be tempting to buy a bra immediately but your breast size may still be reducing for up to one month.

Can I get advice about Nursing Bras?

For any further information on sizes or fit, or to speak directly with one of our experienced fitters please telephone our customer service team on 0113 8980077. We will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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