Nickel Allergy

Nickel Allergy

Nickel Allergy

Am I Allergic to Nickel?

Whilst many of our customers already know they are allergic to nikel, many do not realise that the normal bra fastenings used in most bras can cause an allergic reaction - an itchy rash that appears where your skin touches what's usually a harmless substance.  In the case of bras this is usually the metal on the hooke and eyes or the adjustable bra sliders we use to give us an improved and more comfortable fit. Nickel can be found in so many other items, in cosmetcis, detergents and coins and foods!

Not sure if you're allergic to nickel?

An allergic reaction usually shows up within hours after being exposed to nickel but it can take several days.  The reaction will last 2-4 weeks and will be where your skin has come into contact with the nickel.  If this is the case, try wearing different bras or the reaction may get stronger.  Look out for a rash or bumps on your skin, itching, redness.  Dry patches of skin can form and in severe cases blisters can appear.

The precise cause of a nickel reaction is not known but once your body developes a reaction it's likely that your body will always be abit sensitive about it and that any time you come into contact and have nickel next to your skin that it will react with an allergic response. 

It's also likely that if you have a family history of nickel allergy that you may have inherited this from other prople in your family.

What can I do to minimise a reaction?

Carefully choose which brands you wear, one of our bra manufacturers Anita Lingerie uses nickel-free bra fasteners in their products. Anita selects only the finest materials and bra accessories. All their lingerie is tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex with your well-being in mind so you can be confident wearing any of their beautiful bras.

You can find our range of Anita Bras and Lingerie here the sizes are a little different to UK sizes as they are European and do come up smaller but if you are unsure at all please give me a call!

Hope you find this useful,


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