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Getting The Right Bra with EnVie Lingerie

Having the best fitting and most comfortable bra is every woman’s aim, get it right and it makes a huge difference to our everyday activities, to how we look and to how we feel. Get it wrong and it can cause discomfort and pain as well as low confidence. So it’s important that every woman knows her breast cup size and back size so that she can find the best fitting bra possible for her size and shape.

How do you check if you’re wearing a poorly fitted bra? Do you get back or neck pain? A poorly-fitted bra will not support the weight of your breasts correctly. This can pull on posture muscles and lead to back pain and neck pain. If the underwire doesn’t sit correctly this can dig into your underarms and create chafing giving discomfort and irritation and sometimes skin problems due to tightness and discomfort.

Having an improperly fitted bra can also lead to embarrassment due to visible bra lines or bulging where there should not be any bulging when you are wearing your clothes. Many women then wear baggy fitted clothing to disguise this. Yet a correctly fitted and comfortable bra can provide an invisible look under clothing, so that the focus is on what you
are wearing instead of your bra.

I believe that good indication of a great fitting bra is to take it off at the end of the day and check that there’s no red marks on your, it should fit like a glove.

The best fitting and most comfortable bras will also help support breast tissue and prevent
breast sagging. Since larger breasts put more strain on the body, it is important for women
with fuller busts to wear a properly fitted bra that gives the adequate support to their breasts. The right fitting bra helps to lift your breasts away from your waistline and will without a
doubt make your silhouette more shapely. Moreover, using the right type of fabric and
construction in a larger cup will ensure that the correct amount of support is provided to a
woman’s breasts while still being comfortable throughout the day.
Bras, just like clothes are made from different manufacturers using different fabrics and you
will find that the fitting from one manufacturer or different countries really does vary enormously. We find that many of our customers get to know and love a particular brand that
is a good fit for their shape and then it becomes easier to choose the right bra for them.

We have taken great care to choose the best fitting bras at Envie, infact many of our fuller
cups are designed and cut totally differently to the smaller cups so that they can give extra support to a fuller figure and comfort that you can confidently wear all day long. Happy hunting from Jane!

How Do I Choose The Right Sized Bra

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