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Frequenty Asked Questions


I have just finalised my order but notice there is a mistake - what shall I do?

Please contact our customer services team on 0113 8980077 if between 9-6pm (GMT) and they will be pleased to make the alterations for you. If you notice the mistake on an evening please email orders@envie4u.co.uk and you will be contacted the next working day with a confirmation of change.

Can I collect directly?

Yes, you will need to organise this by phone, please call +44 (0)113 8980077.

Can I have my parcel delivered to a different address?

Yes, certainly we can deliver to alternative. Please mention this at time of ordering or select an alternative delivery address online.

Can I change my order?

Yes, please contact us asap on +44 (0)113 8980077 or email orders@envie4u.co.uk and we will be happy to change for you.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, please cancel within 7 days to orders@envie4u.co.uk and we will refund you in full.

What are the postage charges for orders online?

Please refer to our Postage page for prices.

Will you charge extra postage if my order is sent out in 2 parts?

We will only charge you once for postage regardless of the number of exchanges made.

If I order from abroad will I incur customs or import duties?

Local customs or import duties may be charged when your parcel reaches your country, although many goods can be imported without paying any duty at all. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges and unfortunately can't predict what they might be, please check Custom & Excise Website for further information.


Can I order by phone?

Yes, certainly our customer services will be glad to take your order on +44 (0)113 8980077 through our securely encrypted credit card services.

How do I call from abroad?

+44 113 8980077

Having problems online?

Please email orders@envie4u.co.uk, or for immediate assistance call +44 (0)113 8980077.

Email already exists?

This means your email address is already registered in our system, please either login as an existing customer, or if you have forgotten your password go to our forgotten password page. Forgotten password emails can take up to a few minutes to come through, and please check your junk mail folders.

I can't remember my credit or debit card codes, how can I place an order?

Please email orders@envie4u.co.uk, or for immediate assistance call +44 (0)113 8980077.

Do you store my credit card details?

We do not store your card details, if you would like to place a duplicate order you will need to update us with your card details which can be done over the phone in just a few minutes.


Can I reserve an exchange order online?

Yes, great idea as stock on certain items can vary and we can let you know immediately if they available. Telephone reservation will also quicken up your exchange.

Will you notify me to confirm you have received my return?

Yes, you will be contacted by email once we have received your return to let you know we have either carried out your exchange or refund.

I have received a faulty item, what shall I do?

It is very unusual that any of our customers receive faulty goods and if you do receive anything that is not satisfactory please contact our customer services on 0113 8980077 and we will be happy to sort out the problem. We will send you a stamped addressed envelope to return the faulty garment to us and arrange a replacement.

Sizing and Fit

How do I calculate my bra size?

Please refer to our Fitting Guide.

Am I wearing the correct size bra?

Please refer to our Fitting Guide.

My shoulder straps are too tight.

Most bras have adjustable straps which can make quite a difference to the fitting of the bra, so try loosening them first. If the straps are still uncomfortable and dig in even when you have the fit right, you may need to consider a different bra with a wider or padded shoulder strap (Anita Comfort & Anita Rosa Faia have a great range of these).

The bra cup is puckering/creasing.

If the cup size is filled perfectly by your breasts there should be no creasing or wrinkling at all, the fabric should be very smooth ifthe bra is a good fit. Sometimes cups can be puckered because they become over-stretched and you will then need to try a larger cup size.

Back band higher at the back.

If the back of the bra is riding up or does not hold horizontally then you need a smaller back size i.e. 34" is too big, try 32".

The cups seem to be over spilling.

The bra cup should sit on your breast perfectly and you should not have any 'overspill' at the top of your cup. Another sign the cup is too small is usually when you have the 'sausage effect' as the top of the bra cuts into you. Do leave the bra on for 5/10 minutes as often once your shape had adjusted the fit can be different. Overspill can also occur under your arms and in this case the cup is also too small.

Underwire moving away from body.

This indicates the cup is usually too small. The underwire should sit flat to the chest wall and encase your breasts completely. It can be difficult on very large chested ladies to achieve this.

Back cutting in.

It is best to wear the back size of your bra as tight as you can as this is where most of the fit of your bras comes from but it must be comfortable for you to wear everyday. If the back cuts into you too much it is too small and you will not wear it. Worth noting is that after a few washes and wears that the fit of the back does loosen and will become more comfortable.

Bra cup coming away from breast.

This can sometimes be made right by adjusting the bra straps but often means the bra cup is too large for you.

What is a ‘moulded’ bra?

Moulded bras are often called ‘T-Shirt’ bras and give a great smooth look under clothes as they are seam-free. A moulded bra is simply a style where the cups are made with a single piece of fabric that is moulded to a shape (rather than a cut and sew bra where the cup is made up from different pieces of fabric which have been sewn together). Most moulded styles are made from foam which keeps its shape when you lay it flat. Some people assume that all moulded styles are padded but that’s not the case - they can be padded or non-padded.

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